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Center of Spirituality

Events and spirituality courses in Assisi

Center of Spirituality

At “Domus Laetitiae” during the year we organize preached retreats, days of recollection, and spiritual conferences for priests, religious and the laity.

All of this takes place at “Domus Laetitiae” where the spiritual experience of our preachers blend with the comfort of our newly renovated building, the pleasantness of our employees and the delicious meals from our kitchen.

[…] Dear friends, a good course of Spiritual Exercises contributes to renew in the participant an unconditional adherence to Christ, and helps him/her to understand that prayer is the irreplaceable means of union with Him crucified: pone me iuxta te! I thank you for the valuable service that you render the Church, so that the practice of the Spiritual Exercises may be spread, supported and enhanced. May Our Lady assist you always in this work. For my part, I ask you to pray for me, and I invoke upon you all an abundance of heavenly blessings.».

(Address to the participants at the Federazione Italiana Esercizi Spirituali (F.I.E.S.), Sala Clementina, 3rd march 2014.)



Our “strong times” of the spirit for 2021

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Responsabile organizzativo Eventi e Corsi di Spiritualità: Luca Lucchini

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