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Spirituality and well-being

Fasting and meditation courses in Assisi

Spirituality and well-being

Towards a conscious diet with Frate Indovino’s Health Herbs
«Fasting, for healthy people, has a preventive function against disease, strengthens the immune system, purifies the body and soul, renews the person totally. It gives energy to change one’s attitude towards others and to start a new life. (Peter Müller)»

The course starts on Sunday at 5.00 pm (4.15 pm festive Mass) and ends on Friday in the early afternoon.

Priests who for pastoral reasons could not arrive on Sunday, are asked to reach the Domus by 9.00 on Monday.

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Schedule of meetings


Consult the brochure in PDF format for detailed information, warnings, indicative program of the day and cost of the course.

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Responsible for organizing Events and Spirituality Courses: Luca Lucchini

Tel. +39 075 812792
Fax. +39 075 6975404